July 4th

Happy Friday Afternoon. Did you see me doing the Happy Dance? I went over to visit Stamping with Loll ( a wonderful place to visit...& I urge you to check this lovely site out, because you will see some fantastic work. Plus she has a section for techniques & tutorials as well). I had left a comment on a day when Loll was giving away some candy...and I saw my name! WHOO HOO! And it was one of our busy days that we've had here lately, so I had just sneaked a moment to blog surf. Boy, I'm glad I did, or I'd have missed that. Actually I was looking at a later post, which had a brayered vellum card, and just happened to scroll on down to see an earlier post. Talk about an angel on your shoulder!!! Thank you Miss Loll, and I will do my best to use the lovely candy on something worthy of it!!!'s my card for today:
Showed it to DH as I always do, and he didn't like it. The American Flag starts with a red stripe and ends with a red stripe. My idea for this was sparked by the starred blue paper - which had been a snippet that I put in a box when I was picking up mess supplies in the room, so that the tv installers would have a space to work. Hmm...already had a white card base, so scrounged around in the box & found another small red piece (snippet) that would work for the stripes. A square punch shaped the corner field of stars. I sliced strips of the red to fit the cardbase; no measuring so as to start & end with a red...actually I wasn't even thinking about it. (I had to be downstairs with the installers, and didn't want to appear to be hanging over their shoulders. So I busied myself at my craft desk). The colors were too bright, so I sponged some DI Antique Linen & Faded Jeans around the corners & edges). Still brighter than the worn look I wanted, so I airbrushed some Copic E53 over the red & white. The computer generated sentiment was diecut with a S/binder shape, with more DI Blue Jeans sponged while in the die. Added Viva D├ęcor red pearls, 'cause I can't find my red, white & blue stars that I bought just to do this holiday! I explained to DH "It's just a card. I'm not being disrespectful to our Flag". He's a veteran, and he's still not too sure I ought to send this card to anyone. Oh well, win some, lose some. Ya'll have a nice day! Hugs 


  1. I think it is great...not disrespectful at all. Well done and it is so patriotic looking!

  2. Well, I like it and don't think it's disrespectful at all!

  3. I love it Mary and I don't think you are being disrespectful at all! Of course the military guys are going to notice it not being correct, but in crafting it doesn't matter! Tell Joe that it is ok and we all said so. lol But the flag is very important to the military guys and they really respect it so I can see why he would say that. Hugs!